Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain is a common complaint among women. However, this is not really commonly talked about. In fact, a pain in that area is quite uncomfortable to discuss and that is the main reason why most vaginal pains are ignored rather than treated.

Ignoring the gravity and severity of this situation is quite normal but it is not a very good practice. Anything that is painful or causes discomfort must be examined right away by a doctor so it could be treated. Ignoring vaginal pain issues due to embarrassment or other reasons will only lead to more pain and more discomfort which will only grow worse as time passes and nothing is being done.

Vaginal Pain Causes

Vaginal pain can be caused by various reasons and causes.  Here are some of the the possible causes:


This is a vaginal inflammation that is commonly occurring to women at some time in their lifetime. This can originate to several infections like vaginitis bacteria such as gonorrhea or gardnerella. Infection like vaginal yeast is the common form of vaginitis.


Vaginismus is a condition where there is involuntary tightness of the vagina during attempted intercourse. The tightness is actually caused by involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina.

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Vulvodynia is a chronic pain in the vulvar area with cause that is not known yet. This has only been recognized recently as pain syndrome in the vagina. The vulvodynia symptoms maybe rawness or soreness in the vulva and it would be uncomfortably itchy. Doctors are still looking for a vulvodynia treatment.

Bacterial Vaginitis

This is a condition wherein there is an overgrowth bacteria in the vagina that resulted from vaginal discharge. There are several types of bacteria involved causing a very bad smell of vaginal discharge.


This vaginal disease transmitted sexually is causing a bacterium infection very much like gonorrhea.

Genital Herpes

This is another STD infection caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). The virus of this condition will go to the skin through very tiny tears. The virus would then travel to nerve roots just around the spinal cord and stay permanently there. When a person has an outbreak of herpes, the virus would go to the nerve fiber where the original infections are and then reaches out to the skin causing it to have blisters or redness.

Once an outbreak occurs, following outbreaks will be periodic. This could be every week, month or years.

(HPV) Genital Warts

A subgroup of human virus called HPV (papilloma viruses) infection causes Genital warts. There are more than 100 different types of HPV (papilloma viruses) but only 40 of its kind could really bring about a genital wart. These warts can cause cancer and can spread through sexual intercourse.

Lichen Planus

This is a rash that is recurrent caused by an inflammation. This rash is a polygonal flat-topped bump that may grow into rough scaly spots on skin or in the vagina.


Menopause can cause vaginal pain. This pain is due to the thinning in the vaginal tissues hence it becomes dry. And as estrogen levels run low, the vaginal tissue becomes less elastic. Sexual intercourse can be painful or may cause vaginal irritation and may lead to vaginal infections and pain.

Yeast Infection

This infection happens when a new kind of yeast comes in the surrounding of the vagina. The cause of this type of new yeast coming into the vagina can be that the protective normal bacteria in the vagina were destroyed by antibiotics. Yeast infection can increase and invade the tissues causing irritation at the vaginal area.

What You Must Do

The good news is that all causes for vaginal pain can be diagnosed and treated but in order for that to happen, women must overcome their embarrassment from vaginal pain issues and seek professional help.

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