Bacterial Vaginitis

Bacterial Vaginitis is an infection occurring in the vagina and it is one of the main types of Vaginitis. It would help to know what might cause these infections and how to treat them first hand. Still, the best thing to do for any discomfort felt in all areas of the body is to go to a doctor.

What is Bacterial Vaginitis?

Bacterial Vaginitis is the most common infection in the vagina caused by the excessive number of bad bacteria growth. The bad bacteria multiplied due to the failure of the good bacteria in fighting it. This is not an STD (sexual transmitted disease) though this can be transferred by lesbians exchanging fluids from the vagina.

The symptoms of bacterial vaginitis are characterized by a fishy vaginal smell mostly apparent after intercourse and vaginal discharge that is thin and grayish. Itching and pain are rarely felt by women infected by bacterial vaginitis.

Bacterial Vaginitis Causes

  1. There is an insufficient ratio between acid and alkaline (pH) in the vagina. Eating pastries like pies and candies can disturb pH balance of women in all ages. Imbalance sex hormones occurring during menopause can disrupt the balanced pH in the vagina.
  2. Commercial douches usage or deodorants can reduce healthy bacteria like lactobacillus in vagina.
  3. Antibiotic treatment reduces the number of good bacteria which prevents them from treating other infections in the body.
  4. Tight clothes prevent air to circulate around the pelvic area keeping it moist, a very ideal place for bad bacteria to grow and multiply.
  5. Less healthy mucus secretion in the lining of the vagina that causes dryness and vaginal lining fragility. This insufficient estrogen production usually happens after menopause.
  6. Use of Contraceptive pills that contain estrogen, progesterone and hormones can make vagina prone to infections.
  7. Unprotected intercourse with different partners or new partner increases risk of acquiring bacteria into the vagina.
  8. The use of vibrator can be a bacteria’s way of entering to the vagina.
  9. Smoking is associated to risk of bacterial infection.

Bacterial Vaginitis Treatment

The usual treatment for any infection is antibiotics. Antibiotic metronidazole (flagyl) is used as treatment for this condition. This way of treatment provides the fastest way to relief.

However, antibiotics can only be effective with the proper symptoms at hand. Bacteria vaginitis symptoms are too much like the yeast infection symptoms that are easy to misdiagnose . Also, this treatment is not a cure but just a way of relieving the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginitis.

There is always the natural treatment. To cite as an example of a natural treatment for bacteria vaginitis, you could try the following treatment.

Excess wetness in vaginal area aggravates bacterial vaginitis. Keep the moisture in check. Medicate it with anti-bacteria powder of Margosa leaves. Wash three batches of a handful Margosa leaves with water (warm) to free them from dust or any chemical residue from pesticide. Let them dry before heating in saucepan lightly for three minutes. Let it cool afterwards and pulverize them finely. Put in a secured container and use on the vagina twice a day.

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